Friday, March 24, 2017

1080 Ti


               It is official and We can confirm that we have received some of 1080Ti graphic cards in stock. Unfortunately, due to limited stock Otoric has received only select brands, such as ASUS, PNY, MSI and GIGABYTE  and in very limited stock. However, we sincerely hope that as time passes just like previous years we would be able to present our customers worldwide with more verity in options and enough inventory as more vendors start to carry these products. We are currently selling these units in our Amazon store (, as well as directly to those customers who do not have access to Amazon in their country or region. 

Here are some of the best reviews and release note we found on the internet.


Saturday, June 18, 2016

E3 - Electronic Entertainment Expo

      Otoric would like to take this opportunity to thank E3 (ElectronicEntertainmentExpo), Entertainment software association and all those who brought this great experience to our city. It is great to observe how consumer entertainment is evolving in different aspects year after year and get familiar with the latest in digital entertainment industry specially gaming. We were lucky to observe some of the greatest achievements and developments in gaming and virtual reality and had the chance to interact with some of the greatest names in industry such as Turtle Beach, 2K Games, WB(WarnerBros.),GamestopSquare Enixnintendo and many others.

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